2018 Democratic Ballot - Champaign County Democrats

Meet the Democrats on the Champaign County ballot!

This election when you get to the polls make sure you vote THE ENTIRE BALLOT! Local elections are just as, if not more, important than statewide. 

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County Board Candidates

Judicial Candidates

County-wide Candidates

General Assembly Candidates

State Candidates

Federal Candidates

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County Board Candidates

Ben Champan

County Board Member District 1

Ben Chapman

Ben is a life-long resident of Mahomet and is currently a student at the University of Illinois. His campaign is bringing to light issues affecting students and youth in Champaign County.

County Board Member District 5

Leah Taylor

Leah and her husband, James, moved to Champaign in 2004 and have resided in District 5 since 2008.  Their son, Sam attends public elementary school, and they have 2 cats adopted from a local rescue. 


County Board Member District 6

Mike Ingram

Cheerleader for Champaign-Urbana. Supporter of equality.


County Board Member District 6

Charles Young

Charles is a lifetime resident of Champaign County and the City of Champaign. He has been married to his wife for 31 years and have 3 adult children, and a true product of our public education system from elementary to the great University of Illinois receiving his Ph.D. in Political Education. Charles is a historical researcher by profession, and he is very much involved in his community, serving in influential positions. He truly believes in diversity; change which is good, and like to think outside the box. Charles represents "True Democracy" and look forward to serving on the Champaign County Board District 6 as your elected representative.

County Board Member District 7

Eric Thorsland

Eric Thorsland, wishing to represent the people of County Board district 7



County Board Member District 8

Stephanie Fortado*


County Board Member District 9

Pranjal Vachaspati

Pranjal Vachaspati is a progressive with bold ideas for Champaign County. A first-generation American who grew up in Cleveland, OH, he earned his bachelor's degree in physics at MIT, and is now a PhD candidate in computer science at UIUC. He will bring much-needed expertise in science, technology, and statistical analysis to the Champaign County Board, along with a strong commitment to progressive policies, workers' rights, and a transparent, accountable, democratic government.


County Board Member District 10

Chris Stohr

The Stohr family has resided in Urbana for more than 30 years. Chris is past Chair of the Historic East Urbana Neighborhood Association which worked with the City and Urbana Park District to update the formerly neglected Victory Park and cleanup of the adjacent apartments. A member of the Champaign County Board he has worked to expand mental health services and jail re-entry and youth/adult criminal justice diversion. Chris served on the Urbana Plan Commission and Mayor’s Neighborhood Task Force. As a volunteer with a 12-step peer-to-peer mental health group meeting with inmates weekly in the county jail, Chris promotes closure of the downtown facility concurrent with addition of classrooms for GED, AA/NA, mental health and education for inmates at the satellite jail. A professional geologist, Chris has actively promoted professionalization of landfill inspections, increased maintenance and repair of legacy dumps and sanitary landfills, and vigilant oversight of the Mahomet (sole source) Aquifer. Honorably withdrawn from Teamsters and Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Unions, earned a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

County Board Member District 10

Tanisha King-Taylor

Tanisha King-Taylor is a two time alumna of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Master's degree in Social Work. She is currently a PhD candidate in Education. Tanisha has always been a people person and a social justice and women's rights advocate who wants to contribute to the ideal of being the change you want to see in the world. She is also a part-time professor in the School of Social Work at Illinois. As a County Board Member, she will make vulnerable populations a priority bringing a social work perspective, including leading with empathy and compassion. Tanisha is a proud resident of Champaign County. It is where she earned her degrees, started her career, and where she is raising her family, 3 beautiful children with her husband Jay. She wants to continue to earn your support to represent the people as a representative for County Board District 10.


County Board Member District 11

Lorraine Cowart*

Judicial Candidates

Judge of the Circuit Court Champaign County (Blockman)

Ramona Sullivan

Ramona Sullivan grew up on a small family farm in Central Illinois. She graduated from Shiloh High School in 1989, earned a degree in creative writing from the University of Illinois in 1993, and obtained her J.D. from the U of I College of Law in 1996. She has served the community as a legal aid attorney for over 20 years.


Judge of the Circuit Court Champaign County (Clem)

Chad Beckett

Chad is an Illinois attorney who has maintained a general practice since 1998. He is the President of Beckett Law Office, P.C., an Urbana-based firm with offices in Champaign, Douglas and Piatt Counties.

County-wide Candidates


George Danos

As Champaign County Auditor, I will reinvigorate the watchdog role of this important office by offering financial professionalism and transparency in the service of fiscal fitness. I shall advise the Board in an independent, objective manner.
Laurel Prussing

County Treasurer

Laurel Prussing

Laurel Lunt Prussing is an economist with a long record of fiscal responsibility and human responsibility. She has won national, state and local awards for financial management, environment and human rights.

*first woman mayor of Urbana (2005-2017)

*first Democratic woman elected county-wide (Champaign County Auditor, 1976-1992)

*one of the three women first elected to the Champaign County Board (1972-1976)

*State Representative 1993-1995, the second woman to represent the 103rd District and the only Democrat elected during the 10 years the district was gerrymandered to be won by a Republican

County Clerk

Aaron Ammons

Aaron is running for County Clerk because he wants the residents of Champaign County who seek information about a marriage license, birth certificate, taxes or their voting rights, feel welcomed and are served with integrity. Running for County Clerk is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. He has registered hundreds of people to vote in Champaign County.

County Executive

Darlene Kloeppel

Darlene Kloeppel is an experienced leader whose strong connection to Champaign County and its residents allows her to consistently find innovative solutions to difficult issues.
 Dustin Heuerman

County Sheriff

Dustin Heuerman

Dustin currently lives in Champaign with his husband, Tony, and is proud to be the only diverse candidate for Champaign County Sheriff! With over 19 years of experience with a variety of roles in the criminal justice field, including 911 telecommunications, investigations, patrol, and administration, as well as experience educating future criminal justice professionals as a college faculty member, Dustin is looking forward to facilitating progressive reform in our criminal justice system. Dustin has a master's degree in criminology/criminal justice and a doctorate in leadership. Dustin has diverse cultural perspectives, including the LGBTQ and Latino communities. 

General Assembly Candidates

State Representative, 101st District

Jennifer McMillin

For the past ten years, Jen McMillin has worked in the education sector to improve outcomes for students and families. From developing scholarships to leading a Kindergarten readiness camp, Jen has worked hard to ensure the best academic outcomes for Central Illinois. Now, she’s focused on bringing her skills for collaboration, research, and common sense to the Illinois House of Representatives.

State Representative, 103rd District

Carol Ammons*

Carol Ammons has dedicated her live to public service as an organizer and advocate for the people of Illinois. She has a combined ten years of service in elected office, at the county level on the Champaign County Board, city level on the Urbana City Council, and now state level as state Representative for the 103rd district.

State Representative, 104th District

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy’s goals for office include developing a strategy for addressing the growing needs of seniors in Illinois, the fair treatment of labor unions by the state, reaffirming our commitment to education and higher education through equitable, stable funding of our schools, colleges, and universities, changing our income tax structure to be more fair, and pushing for the fair treatment of all Illinoisans, not just the elite.

State Candidates

Governor & Lt. Governor

JB Pritzker

JB Pritzker cares deeply about our state, which more than a century ago became a place of refuge for his immigrant family. He's fought to defend against the impact of Bruce Rauner’s right wing agenda and the pain it’s caused working families. That’s why he's in this race.

IL Attorney General

Kwame Raoul

In 2004, Kwame was appointed to fill the vacancy left in the 13th Legislative District by former State Senator Barack Obama’s election to the U.S. Senate. At the state Capitol, he quickly gained the confidence of leaders to handle difficult negotiations and landmark legislation, including the abolition of the death penalty, background checks on private transfers of guns and the strongest voting rights protection in the country.

IL Secretary of State

Jesse White*

Jesse White is Illinois' 37th Secretary of State. White was first elected to the office in 1998 and won landslide victories in 2002, in which he won all 102 counties, and again in 2006 and 2010. On November 4, 2014, White was re-elected to a record-breaking fifth term, winning another landslide victory by a 2-to-1 margin in which he earned over 2.3 million votes statewide — more than 230,000 votes than any other statewide constitutional candidate.

IL Comptroller

Susana A. Mendoza*

As the daughter of a union pipefitter and the daughter-in-law of a union electrician, Susana Mendoza knows firsthand how important it is to protect the rights of labor unions and the difference they make in providing Illinois families with a decent quality of life.

IL Treasurer

Mike Frerichs*

In 2015, Mike was sworn in as Treasurer of Illinois. As the state’s Chief Investment Officer, Mike does more than make wise investments and protect taxpayer dollars, he provides tools to help people invest in themselves. Tools like the Secure Choice program that once implemented will help seniors retire with dignity. Tools like the ABLE program which will help families plan for loved ones with disabilities. And tools like our College Savings that expand access to education by helping families pay for college. Mike believes through these tools and smart investing, the Treasurer’s office can help families achieve the American Dream.

Federal Candidates

US Congress, 13th District

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is a former teacher and a mom. She’s running for Congress to stand up for middle class families in Illinois. In 2009, Betsy's 12-year old son suffered a rare life-threatening illness, which resulted in mountains of medical bills that would have bankrupted her family if it not for her insurance. After watching Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress celebrate their heartless vote to take health care away from millions of people and raise premiums on others, she decided to run for Congress.

US Congress, 15th District

Kevin Gaither

Kevin Gaither has always fought for the rights and for the benefit of others. From his efforts at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, and throughout Indiana fighting for greater acceptance of diversity in the 90s, to advocacy and prevention efforts with HIV and STDs in Indianapolis in the 2000s, he's found fighting for others to be a source of great passion and drive in his life. His. ongoing conversations with people across this district have broadened his understanding of the systemic issues and concerns that we all share.