2018 Election Day Volunteering - Champaign County Democrats

2018 Election Day Volunteering

If we want the Blue Wave to come to Champaign County it's going to take Blue Sweat! We need your help. We have a variety of options for all kinds of schedules, mobility, and endurance.

Open Office Hours

We have open office hours at Democrat Headquarters almost every day from now until the Election. You can see our complete schedule here

Specific projects we need help with are:

Packet Prep

EVERY Monday from 3-5PM and Friday from 5-7PM. Come by anytime in there and we'll put you to work. This a good task for low mobility needs.

Volunteer Phone Banking

You're calling fellow Democrats and asking them to help us make this election cycle a democratic success. We have a script and detailed instructions. Super easy and CRUCIAL to making sure we elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November. Another good task for low mobility, you can be seated. However, Democrat HQ can get a little loud so if you have hearing issues, this may be a frustrating task.

No need to sign up, just come by!

Get Out The Vote On Campus

We are partnering with The People's Agenda to have a comprehensive get out the vote plan for campus. Early voting opens at the Illini Union on October 25th and we will be out there flyering the students ever hour the Union is open! This is a task that is outdoors and standing and walking.


Election Eve: Dropping door hangers on Democrat doors and putting out polling place yard signs.

This is at night so good night vision is a big help. If you can drive people around to drop off door hangers, that's helpful too!


Election Day: Poll Watching, Literature Distribution, Phone Banking, and much more!

One of our biggest projects is a comprehensive poll watching operation across the county. Help protect voters in Champaign County by observing at the polls and SPEAKING UP if there are any issues. Training will be provided! Sign up for two-hour shifts on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6.

We have many other tasks for Election Day too. You can use the same sign up sheet to sign up for those as well.